Writing a thesis takes a long time. This length creates a lot of problems for students. Some lose focus, others lose track of time midway the thesis while a few students get demotivated in this journey.

Some of the students who suffer from these problems look for assignment help online. Others talk to their instructor. Nevertheless, the good news is that all the above mentioned problems are solvable. Here in this article, we discuss the tricks to help you complete your thesis way before time (Believe me it is possible).

  • Write daily

Slow and steady wins the race. When you have a deadline spanning over many months, it is common to delay things until the last moment. Don’t think that you have a lot of time and you will start later. Rather, start now. Write daily. You should allocate some time daily to work on your thesis, even if it is 15 mins a day. These small steps will go a long way to help you finish your thesis on time and ensure that you don’t have those last moments mini heart attacks

  • Write in any order you wish

It is a widespread misconception that you need to write the thesis in order. While your final piece should be in the right sequence, you need not follow it in your draft. Some people write the abstract at the end while for others the literature review is the most difficult thing which they postpone until other sections have been completed. You can prioritize the sections according to your convenience.

  • Get rid of distractions

This rule is not just restricted to thesis writing. However, it is as pertinent to thesis writing as to other fields. Since writing a thesis requires utmost concentration, make sure you get rid of all the distractions before you sit down. Put your phone away or switch it off. Also, make sure you don’t have any other commitments for time being.

  • Use technology for your benefit

Try to cut down as much time as possible. This is possible by using the technology to your benefit. If you are working with a team on your thesis, make sure they are aware of your progress. You could use Google Docs, Evernote or any other collaborative software. Also, make use of Grammarly to proofread your document.

  • Reward yourself for each milestone completed

As we mentioned earlier, writing a thesis takes a long time, or let’s say many months to be a bit more specific. You must have broken down your thesis into different milestones. Make sure that you reward yourself after the completion of each of them. The reward could be in the form of watching your favorite drama, playing some games or whatever excites you. This is necessary to keep you motivated throughout the long journey.

These were some of the steps that you can use to your benefit. Writing a thesis takes much more time compared to other assignment writing tasks. Therefore, they come with their complications. It is necessary to be aware of every possible problem that you might encounter throughout your journey and to find its solution beforehand. You need to remain on track and take small yet persistent steps to ensure that nothing is left till the last moment

Happy Writing!