There is no better time to go out and play with your minion than during summer.  It is an excellent adventure after a long period of being stuck indoors. Getting out with your kid now will give you endless opportunities for great fun. The following are tips that will come in handy when you get outside with your young one. Being the perfect time to get out you need to be prepared. Here are a few tips that will get you moving.

 1. Have the right apparel

When was the last time you shopped for summer babywear? Probably the clothes you bought for your little one can barely fit now. To get the most out of your time outside with your kids, you need to dress for the occasion. That means you should have the right footwear, which could be sandals or sneakers. You also need to get the appropriate outfit for the day. Do not be a spoiler: your little one will not be too happy if you said no to play just because you didn’t carry the right shoes for running.

2. Carry all sports gear you can get your hands on

You do not want to limit your child to only playing a single game. They will start ranting and wish to join another family in the park. You, therefore, need to have a bag in your trunk loaded with rackets, soccer ball, a baseball bat, skipping rope and anything that will bring the fun. The more the opportunities to play, the better.

3. Get some sidewalk chalk

All kids love to draw. If you want your child to be immersed in his play as you catch a breather after running and jumping for hours, this would be the perfect trick. Your kid will have hours of enjoyable fun. And, do you know what else the chalk will help you do? Play hopscotch. Everyone loves hopscotch. Carry some chalk and have the utmost fun.

4. Include water balloons

There is nothing that creates a better bonding time than aiming at each other. Your kids will be more than excited when they get a clean shot at you. The best part is that you will also enjoy playtime!

5. Let your kids enjoy themselves

Do not be too restrictive. If your little ones want to throw stones, let them do it provided they are not throwing at cars and people. This also forms part of their play. Do not restrict them to your idea of play. Kids love to climb on things too, with this too you should let them knock themselves out. You need to ensure that they are safe while at it.

Finally, you should get used to saying yes.You do not want to take your kids to the playground to sulk, right? Well, if you are the ‘No ‘type of a parent, you’ve got some work ahead. You will be saying yes to ice-cream and other tons of other things they will be requesting.