Students who are in their specialization or about to cross the initial college years need to work on writing skills. Though students have been writing entire their student life. But, in a specialty, the writing of the student should be formal, coherent, and analytic. The students must know the types of academic reports and the ways to compose them. This is the dilemma of the educational sector that students are usually unaware of the different types of essays and formats. This is the reason many students fail to obtain marks in their papers.

But today, we are going to clear the concepts of the academic papers. There are initially two types of academic reports. One is essay writing, and the other is report writing. Both of them are different in writing.  However, students, due to lack of knowledge, tend to mix them. So, in this post, we have decided to highlight the difference between essays and reports by giving features of each. So, if you are a student or the one who is going to be in the final years of education, you should pay proper attention to this article for useful information.

Along with differences, there are some similarities between the essay and report writing. Both of them can be considered as the writing with two different formats but with the same style. Why did I call the same style? Because both of the essay and report writing should be writing in an academic style. So, this is the reason, and one should focus on the formal presentation of both. The essay and report writing should be free of grammar and spelling errors. Both of the writing should begin with a proper introduction at the start and a brief conclusion at the end.

Writing an essay

Writing an essay means you must know the specific features of an essay. The features of an essay include:

  • Introduction at the start
  • Test body
  • Conclusion

Whenever one is writing an essay, he/she should focus on the basic outline of it. The basic outline includes an introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction of the essay should be at the start, which will define the topic and the viewpoints, facts, and stats you are going to present in the essay. The text body should be based on the analysis and evaluation of the topic you are writing about. In the end, a proper yet brief conclusion should be at the end of the essay. The conclusions must be writing as the final words of the essay.

Writing a report writing

Writing a report writing is quite different than the essay writing in terms of the formatting. The features of a report writing includes:

  • Introduction
  • Sections (heading, subheading)
  • Proper formatting
  • Conclusion

Though the contents of the report writing are similar. However, the writing of the report writing is different. The report should be well organized, evaluating, and highlighting the specific topic using clear sections. The section will reflect on the different aspects of the topic. Therefore, one should be properly organized in formulating the report.