The Floating city, Venice, is a romantic city that provides you the opportunity to look through the style and pattern while riding on the lagoon. One day excursion to Venice is enough as most of the things are viewed in the day. Although the nightlife is also splendid, people can still enjoy in the day. As per the survey most of the tourists visit the city in the day, after spending the entire day viewing architecture, markets and historical monuments, by evening they move back to Milan.

Generally, people travel from Milan towards Venice because the route is full of interesting cities. The distance is only 175 miles which is not more than two hours by train. However, if you go by road you can also experience four exciting cities and can also enjoy near a lake.  Hence, here are some things that may help you if you’re staying in Milan –

  1. Transportation

Venice is a car less city but you can still travel to the city on train, flight and bus –


You can get a train form Milano Centrale which leaves every hour for Venice and takes around 2.5 to 3.5 hours to reach the city. Although it crosses Verona, Pandova and Vicenza stations, but doesn’t stop at these stations. Hence, you might not be able to get down and visit these cities. Depending upon the speed of the train, reservation charges vary. You can find it on the reservation counter.


Taking a flight to Venice is a bit expensive. Also, it takes around 4-5 hours. In addition to that, Milan airport is an hour’s distance from the city which is Malpensa. Thus, in total to reach Venice airport Marco Polo, you will be wasting around six hours.


A bus journey is around six hours and it will not directly take you to Venice, but will drop you at Pandova. If you still like a bus trip, you can because that’ll give you an opportunity to explore all cities in between the route. However, the buses run only 3 days in a week, which means you cannot return the same day back to Milan.

  1. Tourist Attractions

Grand Canal

It is 3.8 kms long and 90 metres wide with 170 buildings on the trail that was built by Republic of Venice. The Gandola cruise is an important activity that can’t be ignored by anyone. 

St. Mark’s Square

It’s the only Public Square that is called as Piazza rest all public squares are known as campo. It’s known for the church St. Mark’s Basilica which has gold plated mosaic that shows the Venetian power and wealth.

Fenice Opera House

It is the famous opera house that was burnt down in 1996 but was rebuilt in 2004. There have been many famous operas shows like Bellini, Rossini, Donizetti and Verdi.

The Doges Palace

It shows the life of royals at that time. The artistic construction is worth observing. Everyone should visit this place to know how they dealt with political matters and ministries.

Gondola Ride

Venice is all about water and not roads, so the Gondola ride is the only form of transportation within the city. Once there were around 100 Gondoliers now only 400 are left.

  1. Tips
  • Enjoy your trip during spring because then you and also enjoy beach and water activities. Otherwise winter is the finest period when it’s peaceful and calm and sometimes rains as well.
  • Either you can take guide or try to sightseeing the town on your own. If your take guide then you get more authentic information from them and they finish the tour in a day. However, when you try it on your own, you may take days to complete your trip.

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