Each generation of computers consisted of a different and unique technology than the previous one. The technology of a generation of computer is the thing that differentiates it from the other generation. The generations of computers are also classified as the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth generation of the basis of the technology they had used in the computers that were manufactured during their time period.

Transistors and computers

As we know that the second generation of computers used the transistor innovation in it and it proved to a great evolution in the computing industry that was just begin at that time. So, the use of this technology was quite an impressive step that the manufacturers and the scientists took and was encouraged by the world. This technology really helped this era of computers to achieve their goal of being helpful to the world at that time.

The Benefits of using transistors

Transistors were just newly invented at that time and the manufacturers also wanted to use something new and innovative in the second generation of computers so, the developers of the computer used the transistors and in this was the relationship between the transistor and the computer industry came into existence that has been saved in the pages of computer history. The transistor really was the main component of this generation of computers and played an important role in the evolution of the computer industry too.

Types of computers that used transistors

During the research about the relation between computers and transistors, it’s important to consider that what model of computers or type of computers actually used this technology in their manufacturing and use.

All the computers that were manufactured in the second generation of computers were based on the technology that included transistors for their manufacturing. If we see more precisely then the computers like UNIVAC LARC were the computers that were manufactured in that generation of computers and were based on the transistor technology in them.

Did the use of the transistor make any change?

The main purpose of using new technology in the computer is to make it better than its previous type or form. So, later the computers started to be recognized by the technology they used in them.

If all the generation of computers would have used the same technology then no betterment and improvement were able in the computer industry so, with time as the science evolved the manufactures kept on using different technologies in different generations of computers.

With time the transistor also became a part of the computing industry as it was part of the second generation computers. It proved to be very useful and the world also encouraged the manufacturers for this idea of using the innovation of transistors in this generation of computers. After that time changed, science became better, and many different and better technologies became the part of the computer industry but no matter what transistor for sure played its role at that time and it really made a change, and it really matters.