Computers have become an important part of our lives. They have so much interference in our lives now that we can’t imagine surviving a day without these machines. If we look around us, we’ll see that everything in today’s world relies on the computer from hospitals, offices, educational institutes, and also in the army, navy, and other defense agencies. So, the computer is now part of this world and an important part too so, we must study about computer and the generation of computers too to know about them so we may utilize them more effectively in an appropriate manner. In this article, we are going to discuss the best type of computers as represented by their name the supercomputers. You will be provided which brief knowledge about these computers from history till present.

Introduction to the Supercomputers

When we hear the word supercomputer the first question that hits our minds is what supercomputers are? So, as by its name implements supercomputers are brilliant computers and are a great success of computer developers, engineers, and scientists related to the computer manufacturing field. These computers are the miracle of this generation of computers.

Supercomputers are the most powerful computers at this time and they can perform tasks that a user requires at a very high speed. These computers are used for larger and important purposes only and are used by professional scientists or engineers only. They perform a great task and for that, they have huge size as they contain many multi-core processors in them which make them fast and useful.

The Best Supercomputer

There are hundreds of countries in this world every country is developing itself stronger according to the improving science and technology to stay ahead. Supercomputers are a requirement of today’s world and are part of every country. So, every country has many supercomputers for different task and this is very common in this generation of computers but which is the best and the fastest supercomputer that’s impossible to decide because America, Japan, and China all of these countries have the best supercomputers in this world working for them and still they are making progress.

The First Supercomputer

When we see that we are surrounded by computers and they are playing an important part in our professional and domestic life especially the supercomputers have a great role in the advancement of the world so, we have a question that when was the first supercomputer invented and in which generation of computers? When did all this start? So, here’s the answer it all started in 1964. Yes, this was the year when the very first supercomputer was introduced to the world.

What Fields Require a Supercomputer?

The supercomputer is needed for the most sensitive and important tasks to be performed. Most commonly it is being used in the weather forecasting field. Other than this it is also the part of the nuclear weapons for their launching and control purposes its help is required. In this generation of computers, supercomputers are being used for the detection of minerals and oils too and are proved to be very useful in all these fields.