This article is all about a very innovative and important product of the computing industry and this unique product is known as the laptop computers. Yes, in this writing we are going to discuss in brief detail the laptop computers. We all know that the laptop computers are top of the list among the great innovations of the fifth generation of computers but still, there are many things that people do not know about these unique computers and in this piece of writing all such things will be discussed and many important questions that people have related to these computers would also be answered along with valid information.

Basics about the Laptop Computer

The Laptop computer is a very unique, interesting, and useful type of personal computer. They have all the qualities, advantages and facilities that a personal computer has in them. The only thing that differentiates the laptop computer from the basic desktop personal computer is that it is more portable and is foldable. In this generation of computers, the laptop computer’s structure consists of two parts with respect to its structure when it is folded. One part contains the display consists of an LCD or an LED and the second part consists of the ports, a built-in keyboard and a touchpad used instead of a mouse these are some basics about the laptop computers.

The First Laptop Computer

Whenever we use or see a different or unique device that is very important and useful for us we imagine that when was this device actually discovered? So, many of us had this question about Laptop computers too. The Laptop computers were introduced in the fifth generation of computers and in the year 1982 for the first time, a laptop computer was introduced to the world. The first laptop computer was not as much advanced as today’s laptop computer and it also had many defects too but at that time it was highly useful and encouraged by the world although it was just a 16bit computer device.

In Comparison with the Desktop Computers

Many of us wonder that what is the actual difference between the desktop computer and the laptop computer? To find the answer to this question we must compare both of these computers. As we know that both of these machines belong to the same generation of computers but still there are few differences between them and the main difference between these computers is their structure. The laptop computers are compact and bendable and on the other hand, laptop computers lack these qualities so, by keeping in view all these qualities of laptop computers we can say that they are better than the desktop computers.

Major Benefits of Laptop Computers

Some major and top of the list benefits of the laptop computer include their structure and their bending quality. They are light in weight along with their foldable quality so, if you want to carry them to your office, school, or any other workplace you can carry them in your bag. Furthermore, this generation of computers are fast and reliable too so, their processors are also quite well in performance and their prices are also very reasonable as compared to their qualities.