For many college and university students (especially those who aren’t English native speakers), every essay, book review, dissertation, lab report, research or term paper brings with it a real challenge of writing it a bit better than the previous one. The key problem is that when you’re regularly assigned with the task to write essays, chances are you’re going to get stuck in a range of using the same formula every time. So, the question is – how to take your academic paper writing skills from the so-so to the brilliant level? Here come some basic practical tips that will help you meet the existing writing standards.

#1 Read a Range of the Other Essays

Reading the essays accomplished by the other people (students or academics) on a variety of subjects will help you to get the idea of different kinds of styles and arguments used in the process of writing, as well as work out your personal style. As you read, ensure to point out what you like about the best of those, what you don’t like about them and whether the key points are being adequately supported in every other sample with solid evidence. The point is – the wider you read, the more professional techniques you reveal to pick up and use in your own projects.

# 2 Find a Writing Partner

If you attend one of the colleges in the US or the UK, the chances are pretty good that there is at least one other student, who also secretly dreams about being a talented writer. Even though the most effective writing is considered a solitary process, the best writers admit there always comes the time when you need a feedback on your drafting, research or the text itself.

Make sure to take your peers and ask someone if they have a minute or two to take a look at your essay – they may spot errors that you overlooked.

#3 Read Like an Addict

To develop excellent writing skills, make sure you read widely and refer to the dictionary to check the words you don’t know the meaning of as you go along. Thus, you will be able to learn the meaning and how the word functions in practice, so you know how to use it in the exercises and the college essays. It’s good to read different genres of non-fiction and fiction covering a great variety of topics to widen your knowledge and boost your vocabulary.

#4 Dissect Writing that Appeals to You

Most people prefer reading the same websites and blogs because of the material that they admire – but only some of them understand why these sources are so appealing. Just look for the range of the blog posts that are the most interesting to you and print them out. Then take a highlighter of any color and point out the issues you like the most: certain idioms, words combinations or the entire paragraphs. Figure out why you especially like them, and check if there are any common threads in the materials you’ve collected. Make certain to apply all the techniques you highlight to your own essay, research paper or coursework.

#5 Get Some Help!

Drafting and writing high quality examples of college projects takes time, effort and skill. A lot of college and university students have troubles finding the time to develop a good content on a given topic since they have many other responsibilities on the schedule. This in turn does not leave them a lot of time to do home assignments, get engaged in extracurricular activities and have some social life. That’s when cheap custom writing services like appear remarkably convenient. The essay writing service like the one available on is a perfect and reliable source for the best assignment samples for international students and the ones, who speak English as their Mother tongue. The representative of the online custom writing service get dozens of messages like “Do you have someone competent enough to help me improve my writing skills?” which means they know how to handle your requests in the best manner possible. You can buy a professionally written sample to use it as a solid guidance in the process of work or discuss the writing trouble zones with a personal assistant.  

We hope you’ve found these quick techniques and recommendations useful and that you’ll be there to apply them with the next assignment you get on Law, Marketing, English Poetry, History or any other subject.