If you know in advance that your lover is coming to visit, will you put something special to show your personality and make a good impression?

  1. Rag doll or model toy
  2. Comfortable cushion sofa
  3. Own photos
  4. Poster or bookshelf

Test results:

  1. You will care about what happens around you on weekdays, and you will also pay attention to your friends’ feelings and give you thoughtful greetings. However, to be close to you, your favorite person is yourself. This is a matter of course, and so is the majority. Only by understanding your own needs can you put yourself in the shoes of others. So when you do your own things, you will take the initiative to help others.
  2. Many people think that they are very important. Everything will start with self, and you will not see such qualities at all. You will consider the feelings of others, but others will love to spoil you, and you will not be too careless about gains and losses. You can do something for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you eat a small loss. So you are more like a brother and sister, with a mature personality. When you occasionally want to spoil, you can only find someone you are close to.
  3. People around you on weekdays are good to you, treating you as a younger sibling, and you are used to this way of getting along. In the group, you want to get a little more attention so that everyone can know what you want. Or everyone can support you when you ask for it. Of course not all wishes can be fulfilled, so when you eat a closed door, you will keep a record of this account and will retaliate against that person in the future.
  4. You feel very sensitive and can quickly detect other people’s ideas. In order to be more popular, you will express yourself. When you feel happy, you will share your joy with everyone. You are also willing to tell your friends what you have learned. However, if a friend does not know how to sing, or deliberately dismantles you, you will not give the other person a good look.