When you talk to a friend, what is her posture?

  1. One hand on the cheek
  2. Keep touching ears
  3. Keep touching the chin
  4. Thumb holding your chin, the rest of your fingers covering your mouth or nose

Test results:

  • Laze type

People of this type belong to people who are less energetic. He will hold his hand on his cheek, indicating that he can’t listen to you intently, just hope that you will end the speech quickly, or it will be his turn to speak. In fact, he doesn’t really have anything to say, just think that your speech is annoying. This type of person is usually lazy and distracted all day, cannot afford to do anything, indifferent to friends, all day long in a daze.

  • Turbulent type

This type of person belongs to a person who can’t stand still, otherwise he likes to talk very much and doesn’t like to be an audience. Usually when a person is impatient, he can control his tone and expression so that you don’t find his impatience, but his body language will make some movements in his mind that reveal his thoughts. And these people can’t be disguised, even if your physical performance is strong, it will reveal flaws.

  • Sensitive type

This type of person likes to think, often a person is deeply pondered, even if you are talking about anything he can’t listen to. If you don’t believe it, the next time you see someone touching the chin, you ask him what you are talking about, he must not answer. Although people of this type like to think about the West, they are not going to count others.

  • Opinioned person

This type of person is usually very assertive, because his actions when you speak indicate that he does not agree with your point of view, but he is embarrassed to say it. He pouted and was afraid that he would refute you.