Life without a goal is akin to traveling without a destination in mind. However, the goals you set throughout your lifetime is subject to changes and need not necessarily be a single goal. Setting up goals is a process that will also help you become aware of what you want and your interests and values you hold. Goal-setting will help you achieve even things that may seem impossible. But, by trying to set achievable goals and getting yourself prepared to achieve them you would have surmounted the seemingly impossible task and will be hungry for more.  When you keep setting goals and work towards achieving them, you will end up leading a life that is devoid of regrets. Self discipline and life goals are like two sides of a coin.

Choosing the life goals

Life goals are so wide and open and it can expand beyond one’s imagination. In this regard, it is going to be different for each and every individual. When Self discipline and life goals go hand in hand, there is nothing that cannot be achieved. But it is important to pay attention to following things when you choose your life goals. The few things include

  • Taking time for contemplation
  • Thinking about what you consider is important for life
  • Considering what you would like other people to say about you when you die
  • Brainstorming to form a list of things you would love to do in life and arriving at goals by choosing the best and the one that you love
  • If you are not able to decide your life goals, you could attempt setting short-term life goals as to what you would like to achieve in 6 months or one- year time and this would, in turn, help you get your focus on what you would like to do for years together and fine tune your goal setting process.

Working towards your goal

Quite often setting your goal itself would be good enough to give you insights as to what you should do to achieve the goals. Self-discipline and life goals are inseparable because it will help you take a step by step approach consistently in the right direction to achieve the goals without getting disillusioned. While working towards your goal you should not only think of what you have to do to achieve the goals but also think of what you should not do to get there. Similarly, you should be open to receive all information pertaining to your goal and revise and edit your actions towards achieving the goal.

Achieving your goal

Breaking down the life goals into long-term, medium-term and short-term goals and focussing on them is the best and trusted way to achieve your life goals. An illustrative example for this could be like

Long-term goal- quit the job and start a business

Medium-term goal- research business ideas and finance options

Short term goal- acquiring all the skills that you will require to manage people working for you and keeping them motivated.

When small but steady steps are taken towards achieving the goals, there is no goal that you cannot achieve.