Its true learning any musical instrument is a long continuous process with hard work and dedication. There is never a shortcut when it comes to music. Only true passionate practice can help you achieve that level of music you desire. That being said, there is always smart work and hard work. Smart work doesn’t mean skipping any process; it simply means achieving the same result in a better, more plausible way.

When you first get a guitar, there are 100s of questions racing through that mind of yours. What if I am not good enough? What if I keep practicing but fail ultimately? What does each string represent? Etc. Before you go deep inside the analogies of playing guitar, here are some basics that would help you learn guitar quickly. Keep in mind, this isn’t a short cut, it’s just a smarter way to achieve the same goal in smaller time frame.

Choose a learning space:

An ideal practice room should be noise free with ample light supply and balanced temperature. Too hot a room can affect how you concentrate on those strings. With sweat pouring down your eyes, it’s hard to focus. Noise without doubt is a distraction in the process of learning, and come-on, which doesn’t need a good source of light to see the strings you are playing with. Few plants here and there inside the room would increase the positivity of the space plus keeping the practice room tidy is an absolute necessity. You wouldn’t want to lose that guitar key or practice music in that smelly hell.

Basic workout:

Guitar although mobile is without denial a heavy instrument. Now you wouldn’t want to stop and take rest every few minutes while playing, right? Keep yourself in shape with some basic exercises. You need not go full gym freak, just a few basic ones to help you lift that guitar with ease for a long duration without any problem.

Tailor your practice time according to your needs:

There is no fixed time to learn a guitar. Don’t let people say you that you can practice only at a certain time. If you are a night owl, practice at night. If you are a morning bird, practice in the morning. Fix your timing according to your needs. Whether you practice in the day or night, it’s up to you, but gives it your 100%. Learn more at: khóa học guitar


Nothing relaxes you more than proper meditation. An hour long meditation isn’t required. The duration you spend meditating should shrug off the tension from your shoulders, be it 3 minutes or 3 hours.

Get proper sleep:

No task is achievable without proper sleep. There is a great deal difference between completing a task and understanding it. Sleep deprivation can affect your attention and waste the whole practice session. You will feel irritated. What usually took you seconds to understand might take you hours to decode because your brain hasn’t been getting proper rest.