Psychology is basically the scientific study of the mind and behavior. It is a complicated discipline and includes a number of sub-fields which include sports, human development, clinical, health, cognitive processes and social behavior. Since, psychology is a science it tries to examine the causes of behavior using objective and systematic procedures for measurement, observation and analysis, backed-up by theoretical understandings, simplifications, predictions and explanations.

Dr. Curtis Cripe on health psychology

Dr. Curtis Cripe holds a PhD in psychology and behavioral medicine from North Central University of Arizona. As a psychologist he has studied emotional, cognitive and behavior and social processes by perceiving, understanding, and recording how people relate to one another and their surroundings.

Mentioned below are some of duties and responsibilities of psychologists

  • Compose research papers, articles, and reports to share findings and teach others
  • Carry out scientific studies of brain function and behavior
  • Gather information through interviews, observations, surveys, and other means
  • Discuss about the treatments of the problems with their clients
  • Recognize emotional, psychological, behavioral issues and diagnose disorders, using information received from their research
  • Examine for patterns that assist them understand in a betterĀ  way and predict behavior
  • Research and identify behavioral or emotional patterns

Being a PhD in psychology, Dr. Cripe has neuro-engineered combined cognitive rehabilitation and neuro-development programs devoted to helping children with developmental disorders, such as ADD/ADHD, autism and other learning disabilities and programs for adults with a varied range of psychological problems such as traumatic brain injury and addiction.

Academic Field of Psychology

Psychology is a broad area that covers a number of specialized fields and each of this field has its own opportunities and challenges on the professional and academic levels. It is an academic and practical field that involves the study of thought and mind, actions and behavior and the subconscious neurological foundations. Some of the most common fields of psychology include counseling psychology, clinical psychology and School Psychology. Besides this, there are other academic fields of psychology available as well such as developmental psychology, consumer psychology, family psychology, industrial-organizational psychology, experimental psychology and social psychology.

Apart from being a PhD holder in psychology, Dr. Curtis Cripe is an educational leader and talented in the areas of behavioral medicine as well as neurocience. He is a Neuro Engineer who stresses on Behavioral Medicine. He has joined NTL Group Inc. that is located in Scottsdale, U.S.A and his actions consist of a vast variety of zones and welfare. He is also the founding director of Crossroads Institute which offers services for neurodevelopmental postponements, speech, language, depression, auditory processing, resiliency, anxiety and other brain related complications for the children as well as adults. Dr. Cripe has received a number of prestigious awards like Golden Key International Honor Society-Academic Achievement and 2014 Speaker at Alaska Brain Injury Conference for the contribution in the society. He is also a Certified Peak Performance Instructor, an INPP instructor for brain development as well as a Certified Neurotherapy Instructor.