Almost half of the world’s best MBA programmes are from the US as America has an uncontested reign over business education. Over the years, MBA programmes have just got better as US universities have combined scientific approach with business management. If you’re an Indian student looking to do an MBA at a top U.S. university, it is important that you get in the best places. American education is expensive, but with an education loan, no aspiration is out of your reach. We present to you the top three universities for pursuing MBA in the United States along with details on eligibility, cost and scholarship options.

University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)

This is by far the best MBA programme in America. The full-time Wharton MBA course is done in Philadelphia, PA. Its alumni range from Donald Trump, Warren Buffett, Safra Catz, Aditya Mittal, and Mark Pincus. The first-year budget for this MBA is around $114,900 which includes tuition and fees of approximately $81,400. Don’t worry too much about the MBA budget and whether you can afford it, as funds can be easily arranged if fit into the required education loan eligibility.

To get through, you should preferably have an average 4-5 years of work experience, about 730 GMAT score, 165 in GRE score, and above 110 in TOEFL. Even if you plan to apply for education loans, do know a little bit about the scholarships given at Wharton. Wharton provides a broad range of fellowship opportunities for many exceptional students. Awards are offered in the admission and financial aid letter. Fellowships are two-year awards, and they are split equally over four semesters for a typical MBA student.

Stanford University

The Stanford University MBA programme is yours if you manage to get through arguably the most selective business school in the United States. Its famous alumni include Mukesh Ambani, Phil Knight, Mary Barra, Thomas J. Falk, Tom Linebarger, Laurene Powell Jobs among others. The first-year budget for this MBA is around $116,000 for a single student and $139,000 for married student. Check out your education loan eligibility today. With best loan providers, education loan fees & charges should not be your worry if you crack the programme.

To get through, you should preferably have an average of 5 years of work experience, 720-740 GMAT score, 160-170 in GRE score, and above 115 in TOEFL. The average Stanford GSB fellowship is approximately $35,000 per year or $70,000 in total. Stanford also provides additional full-tuition fellowships. There are many external scholarships schemes.

Harvard University

Some independent agencies rate Harvard Business School (HBS) as the best in America. The world’s best leaders, be it politics, administration or corporate, seem to have a Harvard MBA as a common factor. People like William Ackman, Rahul Bajaj, Michael Bloomberg, Jeff Immelt, Naina Lal Kidwai, Henry Paulson, Jayant Sinha, Meg Whitman all have a Harvard connection. The first-year budget for this prestigious MBA is between $110,000 and $155,000 approximately. A large proportion of Harvard MBA students take education loans to fund their education. To get through, you should preferably have an average 5-6 years of work experience, about 730-740 GMAT score, 165-170 in GRE score, and above 115 in TOEFL.

HBS offers generous aid throughout your time as a student and beyond. The tuition assistance involves fellowships, scholarships, and student loans to help you bank-roll the cost of MBA. Harvard fellowships are not uncommon, with nearly 50% of the class getting a fellowship award. The average HBS Fellowship is approximately $40,000 per year or $80,000 in total. There are also attractive summer fellowships that provides financial support for summer internship opportunities between your first and second year. If you possess the required education loan eligibility, then quickly getting the required sum will not be a problem even if the scholarship doesn’t come through immediately.

If you are serious about an MBA degree from America, focus on the top-3 universities. Beyond them, you may also look at programmes offered by Boston University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan), University of Chicago (Booth), Columbia University, Northwestern University (Kellogg), University of California–Berkeley (Haas) and Yale University.