Our business was at first induced to offer a $250, 000 escrow downpayment to Europe company, PROMIS@Service Sarl (http://promis.eu/eu/the-company/). About 7/3/2015 our own company, RSA Money, LLC (Delaware) carried out a tri-party escrow arrangement between RSA Money, LLC (Delaware), Balimo Assets AG Swiss (Loan company) and also PROMIS@Service Sarl (Explained Escrow Realtor). The arrangement said at no time until our own transaction has been funded would certainly the “escrow deposit” become released. The escrow was simply to be released Following your transaction was completed with Balimo and it was being returned to be able to RSA Money, LLC Delaware — To never PROMIS@Service Sarl.

We produced several calls for of PROMIS@Service Sarl and also Balimo Assets AG to produce the escrow resources; however, almost all requests have been ignored.

Ultimately, today, PROMIS@Service Sarl provided for RSA a message that they will indeed acquired taken our own “escrow deposit” inside and rapidly spent the particular funds on their company with out our agreement. PROMIS@Service Sarl promises that Balimo Assets AG “forged” the particular “Escrow Agreement”, and so, they usually are not responsible. The situation for PROMIS@Service Sarl will be that we have been not their particular “investor” while they claimed. More, our company just isn’t a lender or standard bank. PROMIS@Serivce Sarl’s ignorance just isn’t acceptable. One would believe PROMIS@Service Sarl would’ve wondered the validity regarding funds coming from the United States rather than Switzerland or perhaps Europe, nonetheless, they merely accepted the particular funds with out question.

We’re uncertain who specifically is telling the reality in this kind of dispute; nonetheless, the facts with the terrible knowledge are : 1) We all SWIFTED a great “escrow deposit” regarding $250, 000 USD to PROMIS@Service Sarl about 7/3/2015; 2) We all were undertake a loan sealed by Balimo Assets AG not necessarily later as compared to 7/10/2015 which usually never sealed; 3) PROMIS@Service Sarl employed our “escrow funds” for the own use which is now proclaiming ignorance the funds have been from a great “investor” who they’ll not name. It would appear that our own company turned into their accidental “investor”. At the very least, we usually are not and BY NO MEANS intended on becoming an investor regarding PROMIS@Service Sarl.

We will always demand our own funds delivered from PROMIS@Service Sarl right up until they go back the funds which they took inside and useful for their functions. We work diligently together with authorities inside the U. Azines. and Fedpol to help us inside the return individuals funds.