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How much should I spend on diamond ring?

An engagement ring is bought once in a lifetime, so it is unique and very special for buyers and wearers. Are you planning to spend 1 month salary, 2 months’ salary or more? The fact is, the budget of an engagement ring is very relative and has no rules but different expectations. First, you can create a budget and then consider their style, taste and personality. After examining the designs, stone and metal options check the prices and find the alternative styles that offer the next amount you’ve planned in your head. Diamonds are always the best choice with their strong and amazing lifespan, but since they are very rare and unique, you must of course keep in mind that diamond engagement ring prices go slightly beyond the standard. The financial situation, the expectation of the partner and the importance of the ring are the most important factors to focus on. After planning your budget, search through the styles and find the right piece, taking into account your individual style. Regardless of the price offer, if you have already decided on the price range, the best design to choose finally remains. You need to be sure that you get exactly what “you” wants and what you can afford. Instead of being surrounded by myths, listen to your inner voice and find the best engagement ring for your lover to make her happy for eternity.

Which metal should I prefer?

This is a very personal choice because every woman has a different style Natural Sapphire Rings. So you must first pay attention to their taste, their outfit, their jewelry on their use and colors. If the special woman in your life is a classic lover, a timeless yellow gold could be a great option. On the other hand, white gold may be very suitable for you if your partner likes contemporary designs. Platinum is a good choice if you want the ring to have an active life and wear every day. Palladium fits perfectly with their light weight for their feelings. If she is a romantic princess, the warm pink tone of pink gold will make her very happy.

Which style should I prefer?

Which style should I prefer? (We will not recommend you the classic solitaire, we will look at the unique styles, pavé stones, halo … etc.) The ring style shows your personal taste and is a physical proof of your unique and individual style. That’s why every jewelry designer and every brand knows the importance of a rich selection to settle many different looks.

Solitaire Pave: If you’re a classic lover and a minimalist at the same time, you’ll love a simple but sparkling solitaire pavé style. The tiny metal beads give the stone a special sparkle and mark the middle stone perfectly. You can also find a modern or vintage style solitaire pavé ring to suit your taste.

Halo: Do ​​you always stay trendy and are fashion conscious and tender at the same time? Then the Halo style must be your choice. Halo design creates a larger appearance through a larger main stone and enhances brilliance with surrounding side stones.

Flower: Do you like elegant and pretty floral models but you are also a fan of head-turning designs? Our flower collection will help you to create a unique look with many variations. If you have small and elegant hands or fingers, the gentle models will present an elegant look.

Exclusive: If you are adventurous, creative and a bit naughty, the exclusive collection will meet your expectations. We know that beauty is in the detail. Our elegantly designed designs will help show the importance of the main stone.

Tension Rings: If a modern and contemporary look is the description of your style, the unique look and enchanting light reflection of the Tension Rings will fit you very well with minimal metal environment.

3 & 5 Stones: Engagement rings with 3 stone styles are the symbol of yesterday, today and tomorrow, so the message is timeless and eternal. The accent stones can be the same stone size or smaller than the main stone. If you like gorgeous models, you can opt for 5 stone rings, because this design offers maximum brilliance and a striking light reflection.

Side Stone: You want more shine and more shimmer for your style? If you feel like a star and your heads are spinning around you as you walk along, the side-stone ring with stones on the sides is just the ticket for you. The attention-grabbing look leads to the main stone and creates a noticeable glow on you.

Solitaire Design: If the less traditional and unique Wholesale Diamonds styles are appealing to you, you can create your ideal model with the modern design of the Solitaire collection. Break the classic rules and start a new wave by creating an ultra-modern style.

Pearl: If you’re a trendsetter and always adopt an unusual style, then the stunning pearl rings await you. The timeless and elegant beauty of the pearl will forever be by your side and give a sophisticated look. You can combine your pearls with colored gemstones or with a classic diamond.

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Things to consider for getting the loan in Singapore

There are many ways to search for a money lending company in Singapore. A person can look around his area for the company or he can search through internet to find the best money lending company to apply for the loan. It is important for the person to look as many companies as he can before deciding for one company. This will help him to find out how a money lending company works. How much interest rate they charge and what other fees are there to pay to get the loan. Different companies charge different interest rate and the one with minimum interest rate will be the best. The other important thing to look for is whether the company has license or not. It is a condition from the government to get loan from only licensed money lender. For lenders it is important to act only in legal way when loaning money.  The lender can charge late fees in case the borrower does not return the money on time.

It is also the duty of the moneylender to describe the details of the loan, including interest rate, other charges and conditions present in the contract regarding loan. If the borrower does not understand the native language, the terms of the contracts should be explained to him in the language he can understand.  The borrower should not sign any paper or contract with understanding the regulations fully.

The money a person can borrow depends on his monthly income. It also depends on the type of loan for which the borrower is applying. For example if a person is applying for payday loan, his income should be at least $1000. With this income, he can apply for the loan up to $ 500. The borrower should also keep in mind other expenses of the loan he will have to pay such as interest rate, loan approval fee, and late payment charges. If the person is applying for any other unsecured loan, he can get $3,000 for two months, if his annual income is less than $20,000

As mentioned before different companies are charging different interest rates. There not one type of loan in which interest rate is not being charged. This is the most important part of loan. The money lending companies or banks in all over the world are charging inter rate, the difference is that some companies are charging less than others are. It is the duty of the lender to calculate the total interest rate the borrower will be charged on the amount of loan he is getting. It should be mentioned in the contract including the interest rate that is being charged on each installment. In Singapore, lenders can charge up to 13 percent interest on secure loan and 20 percent on unsecure loan if the loan is given for two months. The lender can also charge 4c percent on each late installment.

The lender can charge fee to the borrower in case of late payment, also when he want some changes in the contract. If the borrower wants to end the loan sooner than fixed time, lender can charge some fee, he can also take some fine from the borrower in case of bounced check.


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